Production Assistance

At a face to face meeting or video conference, we will create a strategic plan with you to address every element of your event.

 This plan will include:

1.  Stage design to fit the theme of your event.

2.  A cue sheet for timing of every element.

3.  Transition planning from element to element to enable a flow in the event.

4.  Presenter support plans to enhance the message delivery and give the presenter every bit of confidence on stage.

5.  Technical asset management and screen content preparations with graphics and video support to create a clear presentation.

6.  A lighting design plot for all elements to have proper lighting.

7.  Introduction music choices to bring people on stage and ease transitions between presenters.

8.  Screen and display location planning with PIP and/or POP to engage all the viewers, all the way.


Let's face it. Getting it done on time and on budget can pretty much rule the life of an event or meeting planner. We are a provider of audio visual solutions that can help you tackle even the most challenging meeting or event. We are ready to collaborate with you and your team of suppliers, venue, and client, to stage the perfect event.


Four Levels Of Production Services

Level 1

Basic Production means that a person is going to present or sing and needs a small system to do the job for a small venue.


Level 2

Advanced Production means that a group of people may be giving a company presentation, seminar, or a small musical group may be performing to a medium sized crowd and need a system that is better than Basic but also not too difficult to operate with some trained guidance.  Production assistance for this level is optional.


Level 3

Regional Production means that an organization is holding an event that would require trained staff to complete preparations and produce the event to a state wide expectation.  Production assistance for this level is mandatory.  A serious amount of cue sheet planning and scripting goes into this event so that the essential timing of every element stays on schedule.


Level 4

National Production is the 1000 Pound Gorilla.  Major planning for months takes place by many professional people to ensure that this event is flawless and meets the highest expectations.  Seasoned professionals trained to operate gear at this level have years of experience and can function very well under tremendous pressure after many tech rehearsals.